Eau Renaissance

Eau Renaissance gets a brand new look

July 2016
The team at Eau Renaissance were looking to expand and optimise their business with the help of an improved digital strategy.
To effectively portray the water industry we had to develop a solution that was not simply esthetically impressive but also designed to educate visitors of the benefits that distilled water offers over alternative water sources such as regular tap or spring water.
The new digital strategy also had to be better positioned organically in search engines (SEO). Paid positioning (SEM) was a consideration but only as a catalyst to its natural evolution.
Another strategy to improve traffic and sales was to implement affiliation. The initial goal of growing the business though referrals meant affiliation was to be the cornerstone of this project.
With the effort invested in generating traffic to the new site, it made good business sense to develop better conversion rates than those of its predecessor.
Lastly, the new digital strategy would benefit from the support of ongoing surveillance and an action plan maintained by dedicated web-mastering and e-marketing efforts to ensure its proper continuity.

Here's a bit about what we did and what we used to get the job done:
  • Web template and UI design (based on a YooTheme template)
  • Content integration (Joomla CMS)
  • Social media setup (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest)
  • Newsletter setup (MailChimp)
  • Integration of a blogging platform (EasyBlog)
  • Integration of a full e-Commerce plateform (HikaShop)
  • Integration of an affiliation strategy (Jaffili)
  • Setup a secure and reliable Joomla Web Hosting instance (Joomsting)


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